Our Commitment to Your Health & Safety

SNAC International is committed to ensuring your health and safety as we reunite as an industry to create a safe yet enjoyable and productive environment for all participants of SNAXPO21. We continue to closely monitor evolving CDC and local guidance, and are working closely with the Charlotte Convention Center to ensure necessary protocols will be in place at the time of the event.


Your Presence Here Matters

Hundreds of snack food manufacturers come to SNAXPO to connect with the entire supply chain, from raw ingredients and seasoning, to packaging and distribution, to equipment and operations. Every detail matters to them, and they’re looking for new sourcing partners to streamline production, maximize flavor and bring delicious, nutritious snacks to market. Make sure you’re here. It’s important to show them how you can help them achieve greater efficiency, profitability and market share.

Whether you’re a startup, a midsized company or a multinational corporation, SNAXPO21 is your ideal opportunity to show off what you offer to the entire snack industry.



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