On Demand: Bite-Sized Insights

Introducing Bite-Sized Insights by SNAXPO21, a collection of programming designed to keep you up-to-date. This new content offering combines the power of live virtual events and podcasts, giving you multiple takes on the most critical topics in four areas: Global Snack Trends, Sustainability, E-commerce, and Technical Education. 

All Bite-Sized Insights webinars are FREE for SNAXPO21 registrants and accessible on demand through Member Resources for SNAC International members. The webinars are $100 for all others — this fee may be used as a credit for SNAXPO21 registration (August 22-24, Charlotte, NC).



Sam Gagliardi, IRI

WEBINAR – June 16, 2021

Snack Industry eCommerce Trends
Speaker: Sam Gagliardi, EVP, IRI

Already the fastest growing channel in the CPG industry, eCommerce sales skyrocketed over the past year as the pandemic brought a new wave of consumers to the space. Sam Gagliardi helped snack producers learn about the huge opportunities and risks for brands online and how to rethink marketing strategies to successfully compete in this growing and complex channel.


David McLain, Printpack

WEBINAR – May 25, 2021

What’s Next for Sustainable Snack Packaging, a Perspective from Printpack
Speaker: David McLain, Director of Sustainability, Printpack

In the final webinar of a three-part series, Dave McLain reviewed Printpack’s current approach to sustainability and the benefits and tradeoffs for each sustainable option compared to current flexible packaging solutions.

Patrick Clark, Bryce Corporation

WEBINAR – May 13, 2021

What’s Next for Sustainable Snack Packaging, a Perspective from Bryce Corporation
Speaker: Patrick Clark, VP of R&D, Bryce Corporation

In the second webinar of a three-part series, Patrick Clark presented Bryce Corporation’s current approach to addressing sustainability and provided advice to help align your company’s strategies to emerging technical solutions.


Patrick Clark, Bryce Corporation and David McLain, Printpack

WEBINAR – April 29, 2021

Sustainable Snack Packaging: Current State of Play
Speakers: Patrick Clark, VP of R&D, Bryce Corporation and David McLain, Director of Sustainability, Printpack

In the first webinar of a three-part series, Patrick Clark and Dave McLain will provide an overview of what has made packaging sustainability a priority for many consumers, brands, retailers and policymakers. McLain and Clark will provide background on events that have transpired over the last several years to move the issue to the forefront and will layout the challenges and opportunities that exist with sustainability and snack packaging. The session will also highlight various future goals from CPG companies and retailers and set the stage for potential solutions to improve sustainability.

Julie Pryor, Emerge Network

PODCAST – April 23, 2021

Bite Sized Insights, a SNAXPO Special Edition Series:
An Insider’s Perspective on Emerging Brands During and Post COVID
Featured Guest: Julie Pryor, CEO, Emerge Network

In this episode, Joanie Spencer, Director of Content and Partner at Avant Food Media, visits with Julie Pryor, who discusses leading the Emerge Network and how growing brands can get involved, and how start-ups are staying relevant during the pandemic.

Alejandro Prieto and Carlos Ordoñez, NielsenIQ

WEBINAR – April 15, 2021

Consumer Trends in Latin America
Speakers: Alejandro Prieto and Carlos Ordoñez, LATAM Client Business Partners, NielsenIQ

In this webinar, NielsenIQ’s Alejandro Prieto and Carlos Ordoñez examined the three forces shaping consumers’ relationships with Latin America’s evolving retail environment, including: the overall economic crisis in the region, the creation of new habits and rituals due to COVID-19, and the developing omnichannel retail landscape. Attendees also learned what consumer behavior in the region means for snack industry retailers and manufacturers.


Lynn Dornblaser, Mintel

WEBINAR – March 31, 2021

The Future of Health and Snacking
Speaker: Lynn Dornblaser, Director, Innovation & Insight, Mintel

Even before 2020, consumers were becoming more focused on their overall well-being and optimizing health. The impact of this shift was beginning to appear in the snack category with functional ingredient inclusions, better-for-you innovation and sodium reduction. Last year accelerated consumers’ focus on holistic wellness and immunity. In this webinar, Lynn Dornblaser examined how health and snacking intersect, what companies are doing now to answer these needs, and how she thinks the future of better-for-you snacking will play out.

Veronica Colas, Hogan Lovells

WEBINAR – March 17, 2021

Trends in Food Litigation
Speaker: Veronica Colas, Counsel, Hogan Lovells

SNAC’s outside counsel, Veronica Colas, discussed class action litigation trends relevant to snack foods. She covered recent developments in lawsuits over flavor labeling, ingredient claims, natural, and nutrient content-related cases and focused on the types of cases being filed, as well as how courts are handling these issues.


Michael Torrey, Michael Torrey Associates

WEBINAR – February 25 , 2021

A New Administration & Congress – Now What?
Speaker: Michael Torrey, Michael Torrey Associates and SNAC Legislative Consultant

From Executive Orders and mandates to new and old faces in leadership, a lot has happened since President Biden has taken the helm. In this webinar, SNAC’s legislative consultant, Michael Torrey, shared his thoughts on what to expect from the Biden Administration and the 117th Congress, and provided perspective on how the snack industry can best advocate in this new era.


Sally Lyons Wyatt, IRI

PODCAST – January 22, 2020

Bite Sized Insights, a SNAXPO Special Edition Series:
Understanding the Evolving Snack Consumer
Featured Guest: Sally Lyons Wyatt, EVP & Practice Leader, Client Insights, IRI

In this episode of SNAC Cast, Joanie Spencer, Director of Content and Partner at Avant Food Media, visits with Sally Lyons Wyatt, a SNAXPO favorite, who breaks down the top COVID-19 snacking trends and discusses her predictions for 2021. Lyons Wyatt also advises snack manufacturers focus on omnichannel strategy, innovation, communication with consumers, and flexibility in the new year.