Inspiring Dairy: Utilizing Regional Cheeses for Snack Seasonings with Kerry

Tuesday, April 02, 2019 10:30 am–11:00 am Exhibit Hall, Innovation Stage


Inspiring Dairy: Utilizing Regional Cheeses for Snack Seasonings

As the world gets smaller, and populations become more diverse, the expectations for authenticity continues to rise. Specific ingredients and flavor combinations that are true to a country or a region are finding their way into mainstream foods, making a great opportunity for snacks.

When it comes to snack ingredients, consumers are generally engaged with a broad variety of cheese types to varying degrees, with cheddar notably popular. This strong interest in exploration indicates that there’s an opportunity to help consumers expand their cheese repertoire and bring regional stories to the forefront.

With the recent trend toward LTO flavor profiles, the door has opened to innovate beyond the conservative slate of salty/cheesy and the basic cheese profiles, utilizing cheese’s natural complexities. Because 36% of consumers like to explore regional varieties of mainstream cuisines to try new foods and flavors, you should Join Kerry for a presentation on the complexities of regional cheeses and find how you can utilize them in snack seasonings to delight your consumers adventurous desires.

Presenters: Mike Lefevre, R&D Director, Cheese & Dairy and Danny Bruns, Director of Culinary Innovation