Innovation Matters

When it comes to mastering the newest snack craze, it takes new approaches, fresh solutions, smart machines. It takes the next generation of innovation. That’s what you’ll find at SNAXPO, the snack industry’s go-to for every aspect of the growing market. Product development and design? We’ve got it. Marketing and distribution strategy. We know it. Manufacturing and packaging options? We showcase it. If it matters to you, it’s here.

If you’re ready to change the game, you’ll find unique ideas that pop off the shelves, fresh flavors that pique consumer taste buds, and revolutionary equipment that answers regulatory demands and efficiency concerns. Join us to get a taste of everything that matters in Charlotte, North Carolina, March 22 – 24, 2020.


  • OPTIMIZE your snack operations
  • DIVERSIFY your product mix
  • CONNECT with the right companies

Productivity Matters

Flavor mashups, sustainable packaging, better-for-you ingredients—to get the snacks your customers crave into the marketplace fast, you have to respond to every detail of what they’ll want next.

On the show floor, sample the flavors and combinations that will lead tomorrow’s sales, from raw ingredients to seasonings, dips, mixes and spreads. Operate equipment that can increase efficiency in packaging, labeling, sanitation and research. Discover new channels for storage and logistics to decrease overhead. Learn about reducing your carbon footprint to attract eco-conscious consumers. And walk away with the business deals to level up your operations.

Find the products that put you in the market first.